A Behind the Scenes session shows you at work, unscripted. This is business photojournalism. Show, not tell, what you do day to day.

Behind the 

Your Work

Your work is important. So are you. What you uniquely bring to your work is what you've worked your entire life to be able to do. Photographing you at work is a special task. It's not planned or posed. It's natural and authentic. Going behind the scenes of your day to day is my *favorite* thing to do. I get to really see how and why you do work, and then you get to share that. It's invaluable. It will give your viewers a peek in, and truly connect with the essence of your work.

Let's get to know each other

Your initial consultation is a time to get to know each other and talk aloud about all of the details on this page. Bring your questions. It usually takes around an hour. 

Planning Call

During our planning call we will dive more in depth into what you want to get across with your images. You probably already have a pretty clear vision for what I'll be capturing, but during this call we can explore a little more. We will go over the finer details of the event or place that I will be visiting. We will sort out the timeline, shot list and all the other things that go into your shoot day, i.e. model releases, permits, parking, lighting concerns, hair/makeup, etc.

Example Behind the Scenes Session... You are a coach. You host weekend workshops. You want to be be able to use action shots of you at work to really get across your passion. Yes, branding portraits can convey a lot, but nothing is going to beat seeing attendees to get across what it feels like to attend, what type of people attend your workshops, and maybe even get some emotional shots of attendees experiencing breakthroughs. I can also get detail shots, venue shots and food shots. 

Another Behind the Scenes Session scenario... You are a wardrobe stylist. You host VIP days with 1:1 clients. What better way to share what you do than show what a day in the life of a VIP really looks like? See the shops, the outfits, the joy of the day.  

More About Me

I went to graduate school for photojournalism, photographed weddings for years and was a staff photographer for an international humanitarian aid nonprofit. This is my comfort zone. These sessions are my favorite. I love it.


The Day Before Call

During your "day before the session consultation" we'll go over everything one more time, making sure we didn't leave anything out, and discuss logistics like parking, directions, etc.

What the Session Feels Like

I'm not going to lie, it's a little awkward. Having someone follow you around with a camera isn't your normal thing. You're not used to it. Should you smile now? What if your face is looking awkward? What if you get the pictures back and you look crazy? Ha! I once had someone follow me around and photograph me all day in my first graduate school photojournalism assignment. The aim was to teach us how the subject feels. All of those things went through my mind when I was being photographed.

But here's the other side of the coin. I have been doing this for 13+ years. I'm not going to let you look bad. If I need you to smile more, I will gently suggest in a quiet tone, "smile." It's "photojouralism" but only the loosest possible sense of the term. We can stop time and fix things to aid the shot sometimes. And, when you get into the flow of your work you won't notice me. I use a long lens, which means I can hang back really far away and you, and your clients, won't always have me up in your grill.



You will receive all the images from your session; each post-processed and optimized for both web and print. *Your images are culled so "all" means those that are amazing. Outtakes are not included. Your image collection is delivered to you through Dropbox is easy and free. Please download it to your computer post haste if you do not already use it.


I am yours for the day. I shoot up to six hours in one day. I charge an hourly rate.

$350 first hour, $100 each additional hour


If your shoot is outside of Atlanta, GA, please visit my TRAVEL page for additional information.

Let's shoot

 Email to set up your initial consultation




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