Branding portraits draw your ideal clients to you through inspired imagery. They will reflect your shared common values creating warmth, atmosphere and connection. 


A Journey

Once you've come into the fold I am at your disposal. Consider yourself a part of my world, and let the fun begin. Part of this journey is getting to know each other. I am passionate about helping women get to know themselves inside and out. I will be a guide and mentor during our time together. Text, messenger and email away. Getting acquainted is a key to the success of your shoot. Unlimited email support is part of creating an atmosphere of friendship and flow between us. By the time your session comes, I want you to feel at home. 

Let's get to know each other

Your initial consultation is a time to get to know each other and talk aloud about all of the details on this page. Bring your questions. It usually takes around an hour. 

The Questionnaire

This is the key element in setting you up for success. The essence of your branding portrait results are contained in these answers. What does your company believe in and stand for? Creating a brand is nailing this. Showing what you believe in creates common ground and connection. The aim is elevate your brand. If you work with women, what is the essential element of women specifically that you are passionate about? Self-image, or motherhood, or marriage. These all bring up different things. Be very mindful when completing the questionnaire. It's not a passive experience. It's the soul of your business. The more self-awareness you bring to the table, the more I can photograph.

Strategy, baby

Next, your strategy consultation. During this call we will go over your questionnaire. The answers you give in the questionnaire are the fuel for your session. I might push you to dig deeper during this call. Upleveling requires growth, which wades into deep waters. Developing your shot list is the goal of this consultation. Together we will craft it in this brainstorm session. Once we have your shot list, that will inform your session timeline, locations, props, wardrobe, makeup/hair needs. 


Best thing ever. Super charged bonus. Inspiring fashion fairy god mother please. Skip along to the next step and meet with your wardrobe consultant. The person I send you to is fantastic. She considers your manifesto and develops outfits that will enhance your branding portraits. She will follow up your session with a Pinterest board and links for where to buy the specific pieces. 


It's important to leave enough time before your session date to go through this process. Please begin one month before your ideal session date. If you need your portraits March 1, begin this journey by Feb. 1.


The Day Before

During your "day before the session consultation" we'll go over everything one more time, making sure we didn't leave anything out, and discuss logistics like parking, directions, etc.

Your Session

Your session, most importantly, is fun. It's *exactly* like hanging out with a friend all day. All your work is done before the session - you just show up and be your fabulous self. Hate being in front of the camera? That's OK. I prommmise that it will be a fun day.

If you decide to have your hair & makeup done, you will schedule this one hour before our session start time.



You will receive all the images from your session; each post-processed and optimized for both web and print. *Your images are culled so "all" means those that are amazing portraits - outtakes are not included. Your image collection is delivered to you through Dropbox.com. Dropbox is easy and free. Please download it to your computer post haste if you do not already use it.

Session Length

I am yours for the day. I shoot up to six hours in one day.


Session Fee  $1500

*subject to change

Let's do it

 Email hello@jessicasunshinephoto.com to set up your initial consultation




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