Starting Your Business

Everything you need to know to start a new brand

Starting your business with branding portraits is an essential part of your success. But how will you put the "brand" in "branding portraits?"

Learn how to start a new business with a successful brand

Starting a new business is the most exciting time of your life. It represents a choice to take control of your life and your future in a completely new way than working for someone else. You are flipping the script, and deciding to be the creator of your destiny, rather than the servant to someone else's.

You may be going in whole hog or starting a side gig to make a little extra money on the side - the game is still the same no matter what. You need to be recognizable and memorable for the business you are creating to be sustainable.

That's where branding comes into play.

Branding is the energetics behind all the connection you create with potential clients and the marketing efforts you make. It is the foundation that your house is built on.

I want your business to succeed. It's the WHOLE REASON I created my business. I am on your team now, and I take it to heart. Your time is the essence of your life, and we don't have it squander. And for me personally I want the people I work with to succeed because you will be raving fans if I do my job right. It's symbiotic!

So if you're ready to really start a business right, I've developed a free email series to help you launch your brand when you are starting your business.

Wait - doesn't everyone sort out their brand as they are starting their business? 

Nooooo, they do not. The work you are putting into the DNA of your business right now is very unique. I did not know *a thing* about this when I started my business. I thought you needed a logo and a smile - oh my.


If you take a pause and look around, you'll see that you are WAY ahead of those around. You can sense the ones from a mile away who are doing this -- their business sings of connection and relevance. They pop right off the page and grab you by the heart.

That's what we're up to in here. The time investment you are putting in right now is like feeding your pregnant business all the greens. I'm thrilled you are here and will now be a part of my Soul Circle and receive a step-by-step guide to branding your business.

Wait - you already launched your business recently...but you didn't learn about branding before you opened?


That's OK. You're all good. There isn't a defined moment one should start weaving in their brand. I didn't even know about any of this for an entire decade. It's not that you can't run a business without a brand...

The reason you want to brand your business is to attract clients you truly enjoy working with.


Would you rather work with some randos, or that cool girl who could seriously be your bestie? We are going to talk more about that.

>>> The first thing we will do is define and understand what a personal brand is. We will define the game and then look at how you're going to play it. How does your personal brand look, feel and act in the world? 

>>>We will also dispel the myths that can cripple your branding efforts right out of the gate. You will learn the mindset shift that is key to creating a brand.

>>> Of course, what I most presently want to share with you is my corner of the store: your visual branding.  Your visuals are of crucial and critical importance to your success. You already know that if you are reading this far.


That is WHY we are here together - to nail your branding portraits. We're going to cover how to do that. Along the way you will naturally come to understand how to be your own brand strategist as well, because this work is magical like that.

Small businesses and creatives deserve all the support they can get, and the best thing ever is that this is all free and conveniently coming to your inbox.

Starting a brand and business is so much easier when you have someone to guide you.

Learn how to start a new brand in our free email course



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Wild Inspiration Session

A branding portrait session for the burgeoning business, the Wild Inspiration Session is 30 minutes & will showcase one theme. You can use your branding portraits for your social media headers to start the brand of your dreams.

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