I am available for global travel. You supply the inspiration, and I photograph it. I have been a photographer for over 12 years, traveling globally camera in hand.

Let's go on the road

I am free-spirited gypsy at heart. I like whatever is new. I'm at my peace when my mind is challenged by new environments, people and cultures. Photographing people has been a life-long passion, and I like to go where the work is - the world. 

I will come to you to shoot your branding portraits. If you are leading a retreat, I can meet you there and photograph the entire event, or just part of it. Those are the most common reasons I travel, but wherever you are going and whatever you need photographed, we can plan it. 

Where are you headed?

During our initial consultation we will get to know each other, and the details of your shoot needs.

The Questionnaire

In case we forget anything, after we chat I'll be sending over a questionnaire. Since every client has enormously different needs, this is an important task to make sure I know everything entailed.

Strategy, baby

Next, we will go over your questionnaire. We'll go over all the ins and outs of working together in a more detailed way. The answers you give in the questionnaire are the fuel for your session. Depending on what type of session you need, and what work is needed, we'll discuss those particulars. Developing your shot list is the goal of this consultation, as well as going over travel details in depth. 

Session Type

Be sure to read over the session type pages on this website for more information on specific details for what you need.


Remember to contact me with plenty of time to book flights. 


I shoot up to six hours in one day, as a general rule of thumb.


+A specific rate will be developed on a case by case basis, depending on your session type booked. Session type determines the rate, as different amounts of labor are involved in each session type.

+The next part of the rate involves travel cost. Every trip has different needs. You are charged exactly what it costs me to book travel.

+There is a $50 per diem each day.

These 3 elements will be tallied for your total.

Get in Touch

 Email to set up your initial consultation




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